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Puglia has launched, with regional law passed with 26 votes in favor and 15 against, the organic legislation to counteract Xylella fastidiosa.

The essential points of the new regional arrangement concerning a tightening of sanctions for olive growers in default with respect to mandatory control to the carrier, or the sputacchina. Those who did not comply with the requirements, are not eligible for benefits from the region or take part in competitions o bandi for the allocation of EU funds.

For those who will follow the rules, though, there are compensations. In the law is given the definition of the defined area, which is formed from an infected area and a buffer zone, the latter being understood as a surface ten kilometers around the infected area. The law provides that owners and tenants of the areas in question can benefit from additional contributions to cover the costs incurred for the implementation of phytosanitary measures, and that they have the right to access the National Solidarity Fund for the loss of income compensation when the damage resulted more than 30% of gross marketable production.

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La Puglia vara il suo piano di contrasto a Xylella fastidiosa - Teatro Naturale
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La Puglia ha varato, con legge regionale approvata con 26 voti favorevoli e 15 contrari, la normativa organica per il contrasto a Xylella fastidiosa.

I punti essenziali della nuove disposizione regionale riguardano un inasprimento delle sanzioni per gli olivicoltori inadempienti rispetto alla lotta obbligatoria al vettore, ovvero la sputacchina. I soggetti non ottemperanti alle prescrizioni, non possono usufruire di benefici da parte della Regione né partecipare a gare o bandi per l'assegnazione dei fondi comunitari.

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