France Publishes Report on Xf in Corsica

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In a press release, the French minister of agriculture has announced the publication of the results of a report on Xylella fastidiosa in Corsica. The report was finalized following an expert mission to the French island which had beenannounced by the ministry in July.

The mission was made up of an expert from the ministry’s Directorate General on Food Safety, as well as four advisors in entomology and bacteriology from the National Institute for Agronomical Research.

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Corsica, France42.04°N 9.01°E0.544Yes
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A recent study suggests a diet rich in olive oil can have a positive effect on the development of the unborn child and may also be beneficial through her adult life.

The results demonstrate the popularity of olive oil as a staple shopping item for consumers around the world. September 25, 2015 CRISIS IN GREECE:

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A small New York conference offered retailers and distributors pointers on managing risk and improving profits in the olive oil business.

The report confirmed plants to be infected by Xylella fastidiosa and citrus plants are not at risk from the particular strain.

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Xylella fastidiosa infection of olive trees in Italyongoing2014-09-17